The Start of Something New

Tomorrow is the day that I start this year-long experiment that I hope will carry on even past that time. I’m motivated to get this shindig started.

Before we dig into this 365-day journey, I feel like it’s important to understand the basics of the Primal lifestyle. It is similar to the Paleo lifestyle, but Primal is a bit more well-rounded since it applies to all elements of life and not just nutrition. To read about Mark Sisson’s 10 laws of the Primal Blueprint, go to this link: Definitive Guide to the Primal Blueprint. The main gist of it is that I’m giving up grains, sugar, and activities that have a negative impact on my health. Who knows, maybe even this will help my hypothyroidism so that I don’t have to take medicine every day for it.

This whole journey is about choices, some of which will be more difficult than others. I feel pretty confident in my ability to choose to exercise, make time to just play, and get outside to soak up some rays. Where I am going to struggle, however, is with nutrition and getting enough sleep. I’m going to have to be conscious of the decisions I make throughout the day so that I don’t set myself up for failure.

It’s going to be super difficult to make appropriate nutrition choices when food preparation is out of my control. Because of this, I’m allowing myself three “cheats” through the week. I won’t think of these as three cheat meals – they’re just three small things throughout the week that I can add so that I don’t get off track. This could range from some tortilla strips on a salad to a gluten-free pizza from Uncle Maddio’s (my FAV). I could use all three of the cheats in one sitting, space them out, or not use any of them. By November, I’ll take it down to two cheats per week, and then by April, there will only be one.  Maybe by next July, I won’t feel like I need any!

So, my food sources are ready, my mind is right, and I feel like I’m good-to-go. All I need is a cave and a spear. Wait… never mind about that.


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