Once you’re on, don’t go off

This may be TMI for some people, but it’s the truth. 

My husband and I did a 5K run this morning to benefit a high school cross country team in his hometown. We traveled there last night and knew we needed to eat some carbs then to prepare our bodies for the race. We decided to stop at Carrabba’s, and since they didn’t really have many healthy and higher carb foods, I used it as a cheat meal. Bad decision. 
Not even 5 minutes after I took my last bite, I was in the bathroom with stomach cramps from you know where. My body was not happy with me, and it definitely showed it. This lasted for about 20 minutes, and luckily, they subsided after then. 

Sure, there were other places we could have stopped at, but I thought there would be some good healthier options there. I guess I should have searched the menu better. 

Moral of the story: it’s not worth it to cheat, even if you have a race the next morning. The initial satisfaction of eating something that “tastes good” on the way down doesn’t overshadow the stomach distress afterwards. So, just beware and think twice before cheating!


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