Let’s Be Transparent

Get Back On

It’s time for a candid, transparent post.

The last two weeks, I’ve completely fallen off of the Primal wagon. Well, maybe not completely, but enough for me to feel like I have to come clean. I luckily haven’t gained any weight, but that also means that I haven’t really lost much, either.

The problem really hasn’t been with my normal meals, but the issue has been more focused on my snacks and desserts. Last week was my husband and my birthdays, which meant we did a lot of celebrating.  At first, I told myself I wouldn’t eat any of the non-Primal foods, with the exception of the strawberry cobbler that my Grandmama made for us. The temptations got too strong, though, and I caved. I caved big time. There isn’t a problem with caving every once in a while, but getting on the cave train for two weeks isn’t acceptable. Once that sweet craving is there, it’s difficult to get rid of it. I’ve just got to detox and just get rid of that craving altogether.

I think part of the problem is that my husband and I both decided that we weren’t going to do the triathlon, which caused a slight dip in my training regimen for cycling and running. Even though it was a bummer of a situation, it was the best for both of us. He hadn’t had time to train with his super busy work schedule, and I haven’t been training with swimming like I needed to because of some injuries (my shoulder, specifically). The motivation was there, but the circumstances weren’t the best for an appropriate training regimen that would get us both ready to compete. The last thing you want to do is to go to a race and fail miserably because you didn’t train enough. It’s one thing to do a 5K on a whim, but you’ll end up hurting yourself if you do that with a triathlon, half or full marathon, or something similar. As much as I wanted to do the triathlon, I’d rather stay healthy and be able to compete at a higher level at a race on a later date.

Nutrition planning is about 70-80% of the struggle. It’s difficult spending the entire Sunday afternoon meal prepping, but it’s worth it being able to just pick up your breakfast or lunch and get things done each day. I’d like to think it’s easy to get up 20-30 minutes early in the morning to fix a fresh omelet every day, but it’s easy to talk yourself out of that. I’ve learned these past two weeks that I HAVE to meal prep or it’s not going to happen throughout the week. You just get too busy with work, exercise, and other distractions for it to happen. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. That’s the bottom line.

I remember from my Beachbody coaching days that personal development is one of the keys to success. I’d previously been reading about the Paleo Diet for athletes and my Mark’s Daily Apple emails, but that’s been slacking, too. I know that’s also part of the issue. If I don’t make an effort to learn, my mind won’t be where it needs to be to succeed.

So here’s the deal: I’ve got to meal plan more effectively and keep reading my personal development books or articles. I feel like crap compared to how I originally felt when I was a week into the Primal lifestyle, so I want to get that awesome feeling back. We all fall down sometimes, but what’s important is that you get back up. Fall down six times, get up seven.

Let’s do this.


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