Paleo Mexican Meatloaf – So Yummy!

I love meatloaf. There, I said it.

It’s funny because I honestly was not a fan of the dish until just a few years ago. My husband and I were at Disney and had reservations to eat at the 50’s diner restaurant at the Magic Kingdom, and the whiff of the most delicious smelling meatloaf hit me right smack in the face as we walked in. I had it and was hooked.

The only meatloaf better than Disney’s version is my Mom’s. It only has a couple of non-Primal ingredients, but I’m sure it could be altered to make it fit the lifestyle.

Anyway, back to the Mexican Meatloaf recipe…  I found this recipe on the PaleOMG website. I’m beginning to love this site more and more as I go through this journey.  There are so many awesome recipes on there!

The recipe can be found here: PaleOMG Sneak Peek Recipe from Juli Bauer’s Cookbook – Mexican Meatloaf.

The only alterations I made were that I used a whole onion instead of 1/2 of one, no onion powder (I forgot to get it at the grocery store, and I just figured that the extra onions were sufficient), and absolutely NO CILANTRO. Cilantro is the most disgusting herb in the entire world. Some people love it, others hate it. I fall in to the “hate” category. It tastes the way I’d imagine soap and sweaty socks would taste. Yuck.

This meatloaf is phenomenal! It is so flavorful… and I made enough to freeze some for next week. You can also personalize it with different types of salsa. I used the Peach Mango Pace Salsa, and it had just a hint of sweetness to make it taste exactly like I prefer. Choose what you like, though – super spicy, regular, pineapple salsa, etc.

This is my favorite recipe I’ve made thus far, so naturally, I recommend it. It gets a 10 out of 10. Go try it… now!


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