Focus. That’s the name of the game.

In order to achieve greatness, we all must focus on what we want the most. I’ve really got to redetermine what I want most. My priorities, if you will. Do I want to lose weight? Become more healthy? Accomplish more during my WODs? Get better at Olympic Lifting? How about all of these things?

For the first time in a while, I feel like I’m getting better with my WODs and lifts. The shoulder issue has been a setback that’s aggravated me since last November. I really started restricting my workouts in March to help get it better, so basically I didn’t practice snatches from March until September. Yesterday, I PR’d in my snatch… by 4 kilos (8.8 lbs). BOOM! I know I’m stronger, and I can see that in my workouts, so I’m definitely happy with that.

I’ve also been working on my running. Before last week, though, I thought my running stride and foot placement were normal. When I went to look at running shoes with the hubs, I did the “running test” to see if I have any issues with over-pronation, etc. I could barely run on the dang treadmill! I had no idea that I wasn’t using my heel at all to run – I was landing on the mid-section of my foot each time. No wonder my knees hurt after I run! So, as of last week, I’ve been working on correcting my run. I’m lengthening my stride and landing heel first. I was super sore in areas I didn’t even know existed, but I know the correction will help in the long-run. It will just suck right now.

What I’m not happy with is my weight loss. I’ve stalled recently because of some poor choices. So, starting tomorrow, I’m going to keep up with the number of days I’ve been sweets-free. If I slip, I start over. I’m pretty competitive – actually, I’m really competitive – so hopefully this will encourage me to keep up with this number.

So, it’s game-on for progress in everything. Not just in my workouts, but in all areas of my health. Let’s do this.


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