Birth of a New Normal

As you all know, our precious little boy was born at the beginning of March. He is the most amazing thing that has happened to either of us, and we are totally blessed to have a healthy, happy, and beautiful baby boy. He is absolutely perfect.

With his birth comes a lot of physical changes, as well as a new normal.

I did not do a very good job of staying “fit” during my pregnancy. I overdid it in a 1-mile fun-run about 2 months into the pregnancy. It caused a lot of ligament soreness in the lower abdominal region that did not go away throughout the entire pregnancy. Because of this, it was difficult to stay motivated to work out knowing that it would cause me to feel totally uncomfortable. I did very little, and I’m totally feeling the effects of that now.

Now that our little man is here and I’m to the point where I’m cleared to begin working out again, I’m motivated. Motivated to get this “baby weight” off. Motivated to feel healthier. Motivated to eat better.

More importantly, motivated to be a great influence on our little man.

I want to show him how healthy eating can make your quality of life so much better. I also want to demonstrate that exercise and physical activity is just as important as eating healthy. You have to lead a well-balanced life.

With that being said, I want to write out my plan:

  • Be an example for our little man. ‘Nuff said about that.
  • Primal eating: I felt the best while I was on the Primal eating style. It’s really a lifestyle, so I need to brush up on it so that I can refresh my memory on what’s expected.
  • Beachbody workouts: Since our little man needs our constant attention, it’s going to be best to do at-home workouts for the moment. These programs are legit and totally work. Plus, they’re normally only about 45 minutes each, so that’s enough time to fit in the workout between feedings.
  • Planet Fitness: I’ve got a membership at the new location in our city, so I plan on using this membership as supplemental workouts. They’ve also got massage beds, so that’s a plus!
  • CrossFit: I definitely want to get back to doing CrossFit exercises. I’ve got 10 sessions waiting on my at my local box whenever I get to the point where I can utilize those sessions.
  • Obstacle-course racing: This is totally my passion. I’m going to sign up for a race in September-ish so that I have something to work toward. One day, I will be competitive with the races. For now, I just want to finish them.

Let’s do this.


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