The Struggle is Real

I’ve really been having a difficult time choosing my foods wisely. I will admit that I had a few slips on our mini-vacation, and they were completely deliberate. I knew what I was doing, and I did it anyway. It’s natural to have these slips, and even though I semi gave myself permission to do it, I still feel like it was counterproductive.  I guess what’s important, though, is that I’m fully on-track again, thanks to school starting back. Even though this signifies that the summer is over, it’s refreshing to be back on a routine. Routines are the key to success, especially with nutrition. As we say in the teaching world, unstructured time creates discipline problems. This can easily be applied to nutrition, as well. Here’s to a great school year… and even better choices!


One Month In

It’s been close to a month since I started the Primal journey. I feel like a different person with much more energy and focus day-to-day.  Plus, I’ve been trying to eat items that are organic, cage-free, or grass-fed.  I can’t really tell a difference taste-wise, but I know they’re more nutritious.

It really hasn’t been that difficult choosing to eat Primal foods when I’m on my normal schedule. It’s more challenging, though, once my routine is thrown off. What I’ve realized, though, is that it’s totally okay to splurge every once in a while, as long as the 80%/20% rule still is into play. This really prevents binge sessions that completely derail all progress.

I’m staying consistent with losing about a pound a week, even with our recent vacation. I used to be irritated when my weight loss progress was this slow, but I’m totally okay with it now. I’m focusing on getting healthy first and weight loss second. Plus, my husband and I are training for a triathlon, so that’s motivating, too.

So, if any of you have any questions about how to begin your Primal journey, feel free to ask away! Not that I know everything about it, but I definitely would appreciate the opportunity to pay it forward. 🙂

Transition Update

I’m now about a week and a half into the Primal transition. It hasn’t been easy, but I’m enjoying the changes I’m seeing!

The first day was so incredibly tiring. I felt like I’d been hit by a Mac truck because I was incredibly lethargic. No energy + low carbs = no workout. The second day, however, was fantastic! I felt more “normal” and was even able to go to CrossFit that day. Now that I’ve had a little while to reflect on how I’m feeling, I’ve noticed three main changes:

Energy: I have WAY more energy than when I was just eating whatever was in front of me. This energy is sustained throughout the day, and I no longer experience the dreaded afternoon drop.

Appetite: I used to feel like I had to eat snacks between each major meal, but my body isn’t signaling that it needs those anymore. I can go longer amounts of time without stuffing my face.

Indigestion: This used to be such an aggravating sleep inhibitor, but I’m haven’t had this since I started this transition. Yay!

On top of these changes, I’ve lost about 3 pounds. Doesn’t sound like much, but in a week and a half, I think it’s pretty darn awesome. Of course, it’s probably water weight, but I’ll take it!

Stay tuned for more updates… 🙂